OUJÉ-BOUGOUMOU (Quebec), September 28, 2022 – Mr. Robert Baribeau has announced his departure as President of the Cree Construction and Development Company (CCDC) for personal reasons. This decision was effective as of Friday, September 23, 2022. Board of Directors has appointed the President of CREECO, Mr. Derrick Neeposh, to oversee the position in the interim.


A member of the Cree community of Mistissini, Quebec, Robert was first hired in the human resources department of CCDC in September 2001. He became Director of Human Resources, was promoted to the position of Director General, then eventually named President in 2013. Robert has been at the heart of CCDC’s growth for the past twenty-one years. CCDC, and more broadly CREECO, is grateful to Robert for his contribution and the challenging, essential work he has accomplished within the company. Nine Cree communities in Eeyou Istchee have seen projects develop and have benefitted from local employment under his leadership. The entire CREECO team wishes Robert the best of luck in his future endeavors.


« The Board of Directors and I would like to thank Robert for his devotion to the vision and the growth of the company. Robert was a friend to everyone; his loyalty and joy in what he was doing will be difficult to follow. We all wish Robert good health and success. » – Derrick Neeposh, President of CREECO


« I want to thank the Cree Construction and Development Company and CREECO for allowing me to be part of this great company over the last 21 years. After much reflection, I have decided to leave my position as President/CEO. I would like to thank the CCDC board of directors for the understanding and generosity that you have shown at this time. I must thank our employees, partners and clients for making CCDC what it has become. I am confident that CCDC will continue to be a great contributor to the growth and development of the Cree Nation. Live long and prosper. » – Robert Baribeau


The Board of Directors has appointed the President of CREECO, Mr. Derrick Neeposh, as CCDC President until a suitable replacement is found. He can be reached at 418-745-3931. The CCDC Board is confident in the CCDC team’s ability to achieve a smooth transition.


About CCDC: Founded in 1976, the Cree Construction and Development Company (CCDC) is one of the largest entirely Cree-owned companies in Canada. A subsidiary of CREECO, CCDC stands out for its excellent service and contribution to the Cree communities of James Bay, Quebec. The company works in civil engineering and the construction industry.


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